2023’s Top Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Live blackjack at a casino has a genuine blackjack table and actual decks of cards that are mixed and dealt by a live dealer. Interact with the dealer and other players while utilizing the gaming interface to place bets, and play at the same leisurely pace you would in a real casino.


Casino.org has thoroughly reviewed each site on this page, highlighting the new and established casinos that players enjoy for their games selection and bonus payouts, as well as the top live dealer blackjack games.

The most recent blackjack casinos with live dealers to avoid


Our 25-step procedure enables us to obtain a complete picture of any casino we assess. We evaluate game providers and software, bonus terms and conditions, banking choices, mobile compatibility, and player security. When we are dissatisfied with a casino, we add it to our list of sites to avoid.


How We Evaluate Online Live Blackjack Casinos


Our staff has conducted a 25-step assessment process on every site that we rank, including everything from security measures to payout speeds. This guarantees that only the highest-rated live blackjack casinos are presented to you.


Rapid Payouts

You have won a substantial amount of money, but you now wish to withdraw. All of our suggested sites have been screened to guarantee that payouts are quick and simple.


Rapid Payouts Assurance

Priority number one is protecting your personal information while playing in an online casino. All of our top-rated live blackjack casinos use cutting-edge encryption technologies.


Norton Secure SSL eCogra Secure emblem

Game Variations

The casinos that amaze us the most provide several methods to play live blackjack from the comfort of your own home, fully optimised on mobile and desktop.


Game Variations


Not everyone has access to high-speed fiber optic broadband, therefore we only recommend sites that work without unpleasant disruptions. In addition, solid customer support staff are essential to our suggestions.


Payment Methods with Reliability

The finest live blackjack websites should allow a variety of depositing options. If an online casino fails to meet this requirement, it is not included in our top-rated list.


Visa \sMastercard \sAmex

Discover JCB Diners Club Bonuses

Our evaluators examine not only the value of bonus offers, but also their redemption criteria, to ensure that seemingly alluring bonuses are not too good to be true.

Why You Should Play Blackjack with a Live Dealer


The game provides the authentic blackjack experience directly to your house or palm. It provides the finest experience while also allowing you to customize it as you see appropriate. Best of all, you may play whenever, wherever, and at your own speed. Let’s examine few of the benefits.


  1. Comfort and Ease

You may hit, double down, or stay in the comfort of your favorite chair, couch, recliner, or bed while playing live dealer blackjack. You have complete control of the surroundings in this game. How about some vintage rock as background music? Wear them now. Would you choose herbal fruit tea over a mixed drink? Let it be yours. This is one of the most advantageous aspects of live dealer games.


Comfort and Ease

No Concerns About Fixed Games

Any casino that we suggest will not have rigged games, but there will still be some who harbor anxieties and suspicions. Without being able to observe a person dealing the cards, how can they be certain that the game is legitimate? Live dealer blackjack games might be the answer if you have these worries.


No Concerns About Rigged Games 3. Genuine Human Dealer

A key advantage of being able to play live blackjack online is the chance to connect with a webcam-streamed human player. This adds a great deal of character and enjoyment to the game, especially if the live blackjack dealer is a highly handsome individual. It would be quite difficult to find a serious player who favors a mechanical, monotonous “computer” dealer to the excitement of live dealer blackjack. Certainly, being able to play blackjack at the majority of online casinos is enjoyable, but playing at the best online live blackjack tables is a considerably nicer experience.


Human Dealer 4. You Select the Dealer

The suggested online casinos attempt to give you with the finest experience possible. This includes providing you with sufficient options and possibilities. This includes the option to choose your live blackjack dealer by hand. The options differ every website, but you may often select the gender, ethnicity, and style. Despite not being essential for every player, it is a lovely touch.


Blackjack is brought to a whole new level owing to streaming video and high-speed Internet connections, as well as the greatest live dealer.


You Select the Dealer It’s Secure

Due to traffic, weather, and road conditions, travelling lengthy distances to get to the casino might be dangerous. If you are in the mood to play 21, avoid the urge for speed and take a seat at the virtual blackjack table. Rest assured that our top options offer cutting-edge security features to ensure your complete safety.

Casino.org’s Expert Verdict


All variations of blackjack, from land-based to online live dealer, are incredibly entertaining. Live dealer blackjack may be the most advantageous kind of online blackjack due to its vast amount of advantages. These include the incredible variety of available game types and the fact that live blackjack may be played for a variety of stakes. Given that live blackjack is available in so many casinos, it is really simple to locate a table.

How to Play Blackjack with a Live Dealer


The goal of blackjack with a live dealer is to obtain a higher total card count than the dealer without exceeding 21. In blackjack, the best hand occurs when the first two cards dealt total exactly 21. In the game, you compete against the dealer and up to seven additional players.


Most online casinos utilize eight decks of normal 52 cards. The value of the cards 2 through 10 is their face value. Face cards have a value of 10 and aces have a value of 1 or 11. Assuming you have registered in and made a deposit at a reputable online casino, a live dealer blackjack game will resemble the following:


  1. STEP 1 Place a wager.


You will put a wager on the winner.


Step 2 STEP 2

One card face up


Once all wagers have been settled, the dealer will hand each player one face-up card.


Step 3 STEP 3

Begin to the left of the dealer.


Dealing will begin with the player to the left of the dealer.


Fourth Step Fourth card


The second card is dealt face up to each participant and face down to the dealer.


Step 5 Valuation of your card


The total value of your card will be displayed on your screen.


Step 6 STEP 6 Blackjack


If your hand totals 21, you have a blackjack and win the hand.


Step 7 STEP 7

Deal one more card


If the dealer does not have 21, players may receive an additional card.


Double Down – “Double Down” demands you to double your wager in order to receive an additional card.


Hit – You may also elect to “Hit” and get an additional card to increase the overall worth of your hand.


Stand – You may strike many times and “Stand” when your hand count is satisfactory.


Step 8 STEP 8 Separate your deck


If your first hand consists of two cards of equal value, you may “Split” them to create two additional hands, each with a stake equal to your initial wager.


Double Down – A second card is dealt to both hands, and you may ‘Hit’ prior to deciding whether to ‘Stand’.


Stand – If you split aces, you can only get one card each hand.


Step 9 STEP 9

You triumph!


After every player has made a move, the dealer reveals their face-down card.


Live Dealer Blackjack’s purpose is to

If the dealer’s total card value is 16 or less, they must hit. If the value exceeds 17, the player must stand. If the total value of your cards exceeds 21, you “Bust” and forfeit your wager.


If your hand’s value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s, or if the dealer goes above 21, you win your wager. If both you and the dealer hold the same value, the round is deemed a “Push” and you receive a refund of your wager.

The Meaning of Bonuses


Welcome bonuses are an integral component of what to look for in a superb live blackjack service. It’s unfathomable that some players are prepared to leave thousands of dollars on the table every day, yet they do. Take advantage of the bankroll-boosting discounts we’ve negotiated for you, especially if you want to play live online blackjack.


These bonuses apply regardless of whether you want to play live online blackjack or only slots. In any case, it’s free money, which is a fantastic thing for any gamer.

Live Blackjack Online Play on Mobile


Mobile Blackjack gameplay

Mobile gamers will be pleased to learn that in addition to playing top mobile blackjack games, they can now play online blackjack with a live dealer. This implies that nobody will be unable to play this version of the game.


Whether you’re on the bus or taking a break at work, you can effortlessly log into your preferred online casino and begin playing live blackjack. This holds true regardless of the gadget you possess. You must be connected to the internet in order to play; a 3G or 4G connection is sufficient, but WiFi is typically more dependable. All versions of the game are playable on mobile, giving gamers access to the whole catalog of titles on the move. Try utilizing your smartphone or tablet the next time you want to play live blackjack online.



What is blackjack played by a live dealer?

Blackjack with a live dealer utilizes a genuine human dealer, real cards, and a real table. Through live HD video streaming, players will be able to connect with the dealer and witness each hand dealt in real-time. There are many camera angles available, allowing the user to zoom in on the table. Additionally, the player can converse with the dealer, who will be equipped with a microphone. Live dealer blackjack is the closest you can come to playing at a casino without physically being there.


Is live dealer blackjack online safe?

Live dealer blackjack is just as secure as any other online casino blackjack game, with the added benefit of being able to witness the dealer via a live feed from a land-based casino or studio. Assuming the casino in issue possesses a valid license, its live casino and other online casino games would have been subject to tight controls.


Is card counting feasible in live blackjack?

It may appear that the presence of a live dealer and a real deck of cards makes live dealer blackjack accessible to card counting, however this is improbable. All reputable live casino dealers will employ a shoe containing numerous decks of cards and will shuffle the deck on a frequent basis, decreasing players’ ability to count cards.


Can I play without cost?

Some casinos that provide free live dealer blackjack will enable you to practice for free on their live casino games, but this is not the case for all. As a sort of practice before going on to live dealer games for real money, you may always play standard online blackjack games for free.


Are the odds same to standard online blackjack?

In general, the odds of live dealer blackjack games are identical to those of online blackjack games, as nothing fundamental to the game has changed. You continue to play against the dealer, and the winning and losing conditions remain identical to conventional online blackjack games.


Can I play blackjack in real time on my mobile device?

This varies per casino, however many online casinos have made live dealer games accessible on mobile and even tablet devices. To get the most out of the mobile live dealer experience, you will need a decently fast internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or 4G, just like you would for any online live dealer game.


Exist tactics that can boost my chances of winning?

Yes, similar to other online blackjack games, you can employ several methods to lower the house edge. The fundamental betting technique can assist you lower the house advantage to around 0.5%.


This approach, based on a set of guidelines for how to play each hand, is most effective in a typical live game (not variations like Spanish 21). The fewer decks present, the better. To master this method, you must study the words, rules, and bets of blackjack.


Which online casino offers the finest blackjack with a live dealer?

Blackjack with a live dealer is accessible at select sites. Many of these have earned a solid reputation within the gambling sector and are renowned for their safe and dependable operations. Happy Luke is our recommendation if you want the greatest of them.


Is live online blackjack rigged?

None of the recommended live dealer blackjack casinos are rigged. Like traditional online casino games, live dealer games are evaluated by independent organizations to assure total safety and fairness. Their accreditation will always be shown on the casino’s website, allowing you to instantly determine if it has been independently evaluated in accordance with the rules of its license.


If the software was created by a respected company, such as Playtech, Microgaming, or Evolution Gaming, you do not need to be concerned about rigged games.


How does blackjack with a live dealer work?

After selecting a table, live dealer technology connects you to an actual blackjack dealer through a live video feed. The dealer is situated in a studio on solid ground, attached to a microphone, and immediately opposite a camera. Your gameplay window displays an extra interface for betting and wagering, with your actions impacting what occurs at the dealer’s table in real time.


Real cards and chips are utilized at the table on camera, as opposed to a random number generator in internet games. You communicate with a dealer in real time, similar to an interactive webchat. Live dealer games require a constant Internet connection, as they rely on a live video broadcast to function.

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