Gabon is not among the many African nations where wagering remains illegal. wagering is legal in Gabon. In fact, all forms of gambling and betting are lawful in Gabon, including online gambling.

Looking for a reputable online casino in Gabon? This exhaustive guide should assist you in identifying the aspects of an online casino to avoid in Gabon. Together, let’s investigate what these features are.

Gambling’s Past in Gabon


The inhabitants of Gabon, a country with a population of 2,1 million, are enthusiastic gamblers. In 2005, the government legalized all forms of wagering throughout the country. Not only are land-based casinos lawful, but so are online casinos.


There are numerous casinos in the area, and some of them even have online platforms. This will be discussed in the following sections.


Gabon Gambling Law

According to Law 024/2005 of April 29, 2005, Réglementation générale des Jeux de hazard, gambling has been legalized in this region. The law legalizes all forms of wagering and games of chance.


According to this law, land-based casinos can be established in the country. In addition, numerous online licenses are issued to operators. In addition, operators must pay a 4.5% tax to the Gabonese Ministry of Finance.


In addition to being able to play at locally licensed online casinos, players may also choose to play at any international online casino.


Casinos on Land in Gabon

Although we have stated that land-based gambling is legal in Gabon, the nation has only three land-based casinos. This includes the Casino Croisette, the Casino de Port Gentil, and the Fortune Club. Among these three businesses, Fortune Club has closed.


Gabon’s Future in Online Gambling

Similar to land-based wagering, online gambling is permitted in Gabon. The wagering commission has also been known to issue online gambling licenses. Players may also wager at casinos holding MGA and Curacao licenses.


Gabon’s Internet penetration rate stands at 62%. Additionally, thousands of visitors visit the country annually. Additionally, online gambling is permissible. We can therefore conclude that there is still promise for online gambling in Gabon.


Casino Banking Options

When it comes to banking options, you should ideally seek out a provider that accepts popular payment methods. These include credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, etc. If these payment methods are accepted, you can consider the operator to be trustworthy.



There is still space for expansion in the Gabonese gambling industry. Even though the government issues licenses for online casinos, there are few options available locally. Players primarily utilize online casinos based in Malta or Curacao.


Even so, we believe that online casinos in Gabon merit a chance. Certainly, some aspects require improvement. However, it is not in a poor state at present.



You should be free of all confusion at this point. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section if you don’t. It should clarify any remaining questions you may have.


Are online casinos authorized in Gabon?


All forms of wagering are permitted in Gabon. Gabon allows land-based casinos, sportsbooks, and even online casinos. Gabon’s wagering authority issues licenses for all of these.


Which online casino is the finest in Gabon?


We have already compiled a list of our top recommendations for your convenience. These casinos are all quite excellent. However, PlayLuck casino seemed to be the finest among them.


Which online casinos in Gabon have the highest payouts?


There is no way to identify a casino based on payout. In terms of payments, however, we believe RoyalVegas casino is performing better than others.

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